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Sdružená obec baráčníků "STARÉ  ČIČOVICE" Kolín V.

Joined Baracnik's club


Kolín was founded by Přemysl Otakar II. in the half of 13th century. The centre of the town is Charles Square ( Karlovo náměstí ), which has preserved its original form and number of buildings with fine Baroque gables. In the corner of the square on the north side there is the Town Hall, which Kolín has owned since 1494. The city's dominant building is St. Bartholomew's church, with alternations by Petr Parléř. It is also worth mentioning the remainder of the Jewish ghetto, with a synagogue from 1642 and the old Jewish cemetery from the 15th century.

The municipality of Baráčník's is a club, which originated in Kolín in 1873. In accordance to it, identical clubs arised in the whole Bohemia, and there are in foreign countries too. The contents of the club has retained  of  old practices, traditions and costumes for following generations. Members meet periodically and present costumes  in different actions - for example balls, processions of town or ethnographic celebrations in the Muzeum people's buildings in Kouřim.